78000 Miles

My car’s been in for a service today, and fortunately they didn’t find too much wrong despite the 78000 miles that are on the clock.

A good job done by Parks Volvo in Ayr, even if they were a bit late picking it up this morning – it was returned serviced (and as clean as its ever been!) before they’d even rung up to ask for payment.

Netgear WG511T

I sent for a replacement wireless card just it case the hardware was faulty – but the replacement will not install properly either.

Looks like there’s a problem with Windows 2000 (as installed on my laptop) and the Netgear drivers – I think I’ll either need to upgrade to XP or get a new laptop…

Revenge of the Sith

I’ve been on the road again (Newcastle this time) so there’s not been many updates this week.

We did see the final Star Wars movie at the weekend though, and I thought it was pretty good – tied up all the loose ends neatly and was quite entertaining. I’m sure the critics will give it a panning, but what do they know…

A three and a half out of five for me.

No more ISDN

I’ve been in Aberdeen most of this week and when I got back on Friday I finally had my ISDN connection to work upgraded to 2Mbps ADSL – so now I have two ADSL lines!

The BT engineer was pretty efficient but I spent most of the rest of the day trying to get to grips with VPN solution that’s been implemented – it’s a bit restrictive, but I think I’ve worked out how to make the most of things now.

I’ve also just purchased a Netgear WG511T wireless adapter, but it’s refusing to install on my Windows 2000 laptop – I’m not sure if it’s a dodgy card or the drivers are just not happy with the latest security patches from Microsoft. I guess i’ll just have to send it back… 😦

The Holmes Family

We’ve made some progress on our investigations of the Holmes family – and it turns out that the Ellis we found on Anglesey was a complete red herring!

Searching through the 1861 Census the family have turned up living in Tranmere but the key bit of information this has given us is their ages – this census shows William Holmes (the head of the household) to be 42 and Margaret Holmes (his wife) to be 35.

The 1871 Census was never very clear – someone had drawn a line right through his age – but it looked very much like he was 32 and considerably younger than his wife Margaret. Now we can be reasonably confident that his age in 1871 was actually 52 and so other things start to make much more sense.

For example Ellis Holmes – the eldest son – is shown as 23 on the 1871 Census and would therefore have been far too old to have been William’s son. Now we can resonably assume that Ellis is the son of both William and Margaret and we’re not looking for some third party to explain the discrepancy in their ages.

More good news is that the place of birth for both Margaret and Ellis is actually legible on this Census – both are shown as being born at Mostyn, Denbighshire on the North Wales coast.

As both William and Margaret were born long before Civil Registration in England and Wales, this at least gives us a starting point when delving into the world of Parish Registers…

Liverpool 2 – 1 Aston Villa

A pretty meaningless end of season fixture saw Djibril Cisse score a couple of goals as the Reds secured 5th spot.

He’s staked his claim for a starting spot and if nothing else it will make the team selection for the Champions League Final next week a little more interesting…