Chromecast Audio v1.32.124602

I’ve been using a Chromecast Audio for a couple of years now – it’s very cost effective Hi-Res streaming solution. Connected to my CXA-60 via a mini-TOSLINK to TOSLINK cable it can stream FLAC files up 24bit/96kHz directly to the onboard 24-bit Wolfson WM8740 DAC in the amp. Not quite up to the the 24bit/384kHz offered by the CXN for example, but then it is about £800 cheaper.

At least it could until firmware update v1.32.124602 that is – since then it’s developed a bit of a stutter on 24bit/96kHz files.

Re-sampling the files down to 24bit/48kHz removes the stutter, and after eliminating any possible network and cabling issues, it does appear to be the firmware update that’s responsible.

Looks like I’m not alone so will just have hope the next firmware update fixes the problem.