Robert Bamber

My dad passed away on Sunday, after a long illness – he will be sorely missed.

The funeral will be held at the All Saints Parish Church in Runcorn on Monday 15th August at 1:00pm, so updates to this site may be a little thin on the ground over the next week or two…

Liverpool 2 (5) – (1) 0 FBK Kaunas

A comfortable win sees the Reds through to the final qualifying round of the Champions League, although they found it difficult to breakdown a Kaunas side that defended in numbers.

It looks like they’ll be playing CSKA Sofia in the next round – they lead 2-0 going into the home leg of their match with Tirana tonight.

Wireless Fun

I’ve finally got my wireless connectivity back, although I have to say I’m still not 100% sure what the problem was.

To recap – I bought a new Netgear WG511T a while back and never managed to get it to install, the drivers would just complain about missing files, and then to add insult to injury my old MA401 card stopped working as well. I think the problem was a Windows Update had broken something, but no amount of reinstalling would do the trick.

I’d left it a few weeks, waiting to see if anything came up on the Netgear website (not a sausage) then last night I tried again. I uninstalled every bit of Netgear software and then removed all the Netgear hardware devices from the Control Panel so in theory I was starting with a clean slate. A quick Windows Update to make sure I had all the latest patches and then I added the old MA401 card.

Windows detected it first time and prompted for drivers – I’d downloaded the latest from Netgear and pointing it at those was enough to get a working MA401 again. I wanted to exploit the 108Mbps of the new router though, so I thought I’d give the WG511T another try.

I downloaded the latest drivers from Netgear again (v3.9) and installed them, then inserted the card and the bloody thing worked first time. 😀

Now I’d tried all this weeks ago with no luck at all, so I can only guess that one of the subsequent Windows Updates fixed the problem – but somehow I doubt it…

Scarecrow Festival

Things are still a bit hectic and are only likely to get worse over the next few weeks, but we did manage a relatively normal weekend for the first time in a while.

Saturday was the annual Scarecrow Festival in West Kilbride – I’m not sure if you can count a village full of scarecrows normal – but Megan had a ball, and mum was very busy selling tea and cakes to raise funds for the nursery.

Sunday involved a bit of gardening and a new storage box from B & Q to keep all Megan’s garden toys in – make’s the place look a bit tidier than it normally does.

We also got a phone call in the afternoon from someone looking to buy my Dad’s car. He came down last night and after a test drive and good poke round offered £900 for it. A bit less than we were asking for, but as we’ve not exactly been swamped by offers it seemed like a good deal.