And so is Shawn

Shawn Colvin has a new album due out later this year, and seems like there’s plans afoot for a tour of the UK to promote it in the autumn. Let’s hope there’s a date somewhere north of the border, otherwise there’ll just have to be a bit of travelling done in order to catch a show. It’s the least I can do if she’s coming all this way.

Grandad’s been down for the day so lunch was had in Largs, and the afternoon was apparently spent on the rides at the seafront – just managed to get Megan to bed so quiet has finally descended on the household. It probably helps that mum’s also up at the school for a PTA meeting, but don’t tell her I said that…

I’m Back

Well it’s been a long time since I posted anything, but I thought it was time for a new look (hope you like it!) and an update on what’s been going on.

The end of last month and the first half this was basically spent dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on my dad’s estate, took a bit longer than it should have for various reasons which I won’t go into but is essentially done and dusted now – which is a bit of relief. It finally feels like it’s time to get on with the rest of our lives now, so that’s what we’re doing.

Angela has always hoped for more than just one child, but various problems have led us to conclude that it’s just not a good idea for us to have another ourselves. So we’ve started looking into adoption – it’s obviously a long process but we’ve a first meeting with a social worker from North Ayrshire next week, and then another meeting next month with Families for Children (Glasgow City Council). We’ll keep you all posted on what happens with that.

The extensions is moving forward slowly, planning application has been approved by the Planning Committee and the Architect’s are now working on the Building Warrant. Hopefully building will start sometime in the summer, but we’re probably looking at 16 weeks worth of work so I just hope we can fit it in before Christmas.We’ve also invested in a new hi-fi, eventually it will probably go in the extension but for now it’s found a home in the living room – we’ve not really had any sort of music in the living room since we moved in so it’s long overdue. Sevenoaks Hi-Fi in Glasgow supplied the kit (an Arcam Solo and a pair of Kef iQ5 speakers) the weekend before last, but one of Megan’s pals (who shall remain nameless) managed to knock one of the speakers over last week and damaged the driver unit and grille. It’s largely superficial but Sevenoaks have offered to repair it free of charge (we just need to pay for the parts) so we’ll get it fixed as soon as the parts are in – at least it still works for now.

We also bought (online not from Sevenoaks) a SlimDevices Squeezebox – clever box of tricks that lets you stream your music files wirelessly from your PC to your hi-fi. I thought that a decent hi-fi might expose the lack of quality in the mp3 recordings, but the Squeezebox makes them sound great – no need to re-rip all the CDs in a lossless format!

The Volvo passed 98,000 miles at the weekend and will probably hit the six figures sometime in July – its still going strong though so I don’t think there’s any need to look for a replacement just yet. The only thing that’s really gone wrong was a the link arm between the wipers – it wore out in the middle of some typical Scottish weather on the way to Edinburgh. Fortunately the driver’s side wiper kept wiping, but the passenger side stopped half way with a load thunk. I’m now wiping in stereo again, but £150 lighter for the privilege.

On the snooker front since the last time I posted, I beat Megan at Center Parcs (which was a confidence boost!) and Darren last week at Largs to leave the current score at 6-3 to Darren (I’m catching up!). In between we had a game a doubles with one of Darren’s pal’s and a guy from Elaine’s work – it was a good laugh (finished 3-3 – just like the FA Cup Final!) and hopefully will be doing it again next week (to be confirmed).

That’s about all I can think of just now, hopefully updates will be a bit more frequent now that things have settled down a bit…

Centre Parcs

After a hectic weekend seeing everyone it was great to finally arrive at Centre Parcs, we felt relaxed just driving in. We got booked in and while waiting in the queue, Megan piped up that she needed a tinkle! So she and I ran to the nearest loo and got soaked in the rain. My phone rang and it was Laura, she was just calling to wish me happy birthday and then announced that she was infact in Centre Parcs herself!!!

She had the day off and drove all the way from Leeds to Penrith to see me for my birthday, what a great friend I have. She arrived at our cabin with a huge bunch of flowers and a bottle of bucks fizz, we all went out for dinner and then she left. It was such a lovely gesture that I got quite upset when she left.

I received lots of presents and cards for my birthday, 4 bottles of champayne, Narnia DVD and a chocolate fountain, some candle stuff and money, which was used for a facial and dry floatation at centre parcs.

We managed to de-stress very quickly, and settled into a relaxing pace. megan loved playing outdoors in the swing park, and the pool was used nearly every day. We also managed to eat at just about all the restaurants/bars, and Steve managed to get a game of snooker…….although it was with Megan and I……

The week ended much too soon and Megan made us promise to come back soon. It took much less time to get back home and we arrived back to glorious weather.


We received a phone call from Jim on Monday morning telling us he had proposed to Claire! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! We are promised a wedding next year so we are waiting patiently for a date…….Watch this space…….

Catching up & Holidays

Well, we managed to see a lot of folk when we travelled south of the border last weekend. We left sunny Scotland at 10.30am on Sat and arrived in Congleton, at Zoe & Mikes at 4.30pm!! not bad for us….

We spent a lovely night with the Pawezowski’s being fed and watered, and a comfy bed for the night. Megan was most pleased she was sleeping in a pink room. Zoe is doing very well and coping with pregancy brilliantly considering she has only known for a short time and is due at the end of July!!! she and Mike will be wonderful parents.

We left them on Saturday morning and made a mad dash over to Sale to spend about 15mins with Mark & Jo, who are doing brilliantly aswell, Jo’s pregnancy bump is developing nicely and all is well with the baby, which we are all very pleased about. Jo let slip that she is wanting to move house and has been off searching….. she don’t do things by half that girl!!! and thats why we love her so.

Short drive across to Runcorn to have Sunday lunch with Aunt Ann & Uncle Brian, a lovely afternoon was had by all, including a lovely birthday cake (which I thoroughly enjoyed, thankyou!) We met the couple who bought Bobs house and they were so excited about the house, they are trying for a baby and are looking forward to making the house thier family home. It was quite upsetting, but we are really pleased that the couple love the house and that it will be another family home.

After that came the drive to Warrington to stay the night with Graham, Rachel and Mark, and not forgetting the new baby on the way. We were once again fed and watered, and managed to get a game of Texas Holdem’ (or something!), which you might guess, Steve won!! much to my bitter disappointment, I lost everything trying to out manoever him……..I’m rubbish….

Mark and Megan were once again playing wonderfully together and neither of them wanted to be parted, but we must move on again…..

And over to St Helens to see Aunt Vera & Aunt Irene (who weren’t pregnant!), we all went out to lunch and had a great time, infact as we were leaving Aunt Vera was laughing so much she said she was drunk!! on one glass of red wine……he he he. Kane and his gilfriend came and had a drink with us too, it was great to catch up with him. He is applying to the Police so we wish him well.

And Finally off to Centre Parcs……………………