Building Work is Underway!

Finally work on the new extension has begun, with the first spade arriving on site just over a week ago. They’ve not been hanging around either – as the pictures above show, the foundations were dug out last week along with the dwarf walls and concreting, with the framing of the walls starting today. Most of the frames are made, although only one is currently upright – the roof trusses aren’t due to arrive until Friday, so that might slow them down a bit later in the week, but so far so good!

We’ve also got Hammonds in this week working on the bedroom, so the house is in a state of absolute chaos but they should be finished by Wednesday so hopefully some semblance of normality will be restored by the weekend.

Megan’s Party

It was Megan’s birthday party on Sunday – a swim party at the Thistle Hotel in Irvine – and we’re all still recovering. Dad, Grandad, Uncle Darren and Alan (Heather’s Dad) were life guards for the day, joining the kids in the pool (we had about twenty to deal with) – whilst Auntie Elaine managed to escape thanks to slightly too many sherries the night before.

It was great fun though, the kids all had a ball (as did the big kids) and were all still talking about it at nursery yesterday – unfortunately Megan and Heather were still a bit too excited and managed to collide head on during outside play at nursery. Megan’s sporting a rather impressive black eye (or a ‘broken eye’ as she calls it) but there’s no lasting damage – I’m sure she’ll be good as new for her proper birthday on Friday.

My left thumb has come out in sympathy with Megan’s eye and is also a pretty shade of purple thanks to an argument with a Hockey ball on Saturday – the ball came off worse, but unfortunately we still lost. It was to the league champions though (they won the league by beating us) and only by the single goal, but we do need to start picking up some points if we’re going to avoid the drop.

Snooker finished in the usual fashion last week, although I did play much better and really should have won but contrived to lose 4-1 after coming out second best in three black ball finishes – just can’t take the pressure!

Building work on the new extension may be starting within the next week or so, we’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile the new sofa bed arrived today and fits very nicely in the family room (the old sofa bed ended up in the tip after we couldn’t even freecycle it – it was pretty nasty though!). Now we just need a new blind and to clear out some of the toys and we’ll be able to put up our visitors in a bit more comfort.