Evolution & 30 Boxes

I’ve used 30 Boxes to store my calendar for a few years now, simple interface and accessible from wherever I happen to be. The only minor annoyance has been the inability to work with Evolution the integrated mail/calendar app for the Gnome desktop.

Evolution allows you to subscribe to web calendars, but subscribing to a 30boxes web calendar just used to crash the backend (Bug# 429317). It’s taken a while but thanks to Petr we’ve discovered its down to the way Evolution handled a redirection to a relative URI. He’s written a patch for 2.25.3 which seems to fix the problem, so it should hopefully be included in 2.26 which is due around March.

For anyone that can’t wait, and who might find it useful, I’ve written an ebuild for Gentoo that will patch the current stable version (2.22.3) which you can download here. I’ll probably do another ebuild for 2.24.x as soon as that goes stable in Gentoo, as I’ve now got used to having my 30boxes appointments appearing on my desktop…