A Visit to Santa

After a smashing Christmas party at Jill’s house, where I had to dress up as Mrs Claus, we got packed and headed up to Aviemore.

We were staying at the MacDonald Aviemore resort at the Academy Hotel for the ‘Santa Special’ weekend, and were going with the Scott family (Audrey, Alan & Heather).

The weekend started with the family buffet and kids entertainment with the Aviemore Adventurers, Megan won the best dancer competition, she obviously takes after her daddy!! The entertainment continued until 9.30pm during which we saw Megan and Heather just twice and that was only for a drink!

The next day began with a leisurely breakfast and then a trip to the swimming pool, then it was a walk to see Santa and then a quick lunch before the Panto started at 2.30pm. When we were hoarse from the panto we walked back to our hotel room for a quick change and off to the Scott’s room for a glass of bubbly, then off to the family buffet and more entertainment for the kids.

The whole weekend was set up for the children and the hotel staff were amazing, sometimes hotels advertise themselves as Family friendly and they just aren’t. We must say we were really impressed with this one though, and we are all talking about going back again next year.