Resetting a Sky+ Box

The Sky+ Box has been misbehaving since it got moved into the study when we got HD – the pause and recording has been working only sporadically and today the thing wouldn’t even turn on. Or rather it would turn on for around 30 seconds before rebooting itself, which was a bit frustrating.

There’s plenty of Sky+ info on the internet if you Google for it, I’m just recording it here so I can find it again when I need to it 🙂

I was already aware of the hidden Installer menu (Services 4 0 1 Select), but since the box wouldn’t stay up long enough to reach the Full System Reset option this was a non-starter.

To do a manual Full System Reset takes two steps – first you need to clear the hard drive, then reload the latest system software.

To clear the hard drive you first need to turn off the mains power to the box, then press and hold the ‘left’ and ‘right’ navigation buttons as you restore the power until the circle of lights in the center of the box come on (takes around 20s). Now release the navigation buttons and press the ‘select’ button (between the ‘left’ and ‘right’ buttons) – the circle of lights should now start spinning anti-clockwise as it clears the hard drive. Once the drive is cleared the box will power off and even the standby power light will go out.

Once the hard drive is cleared, to update the system software first turn off the mains power again, and this time press and hold the ‘back up’ button as you restore the power until the ‘remote’, ‘message’ and ‘online’ lights all come on, and you get a full screen message on the TV saying ‘Updating System Software. Do not disconnect mains supply or satellite dish. May take up to 10 minutes’. When the software has been updated the box will power off again, although this time the standby light will still be on.

That should be it, although if it doesn’t work then you can keep trying as many times as you like – took me three goes before the box would even turn on, but once it did it’s been back to normal. Pause, rewind and record are all working properly and it seems to be behaving itself – although only time will tell for how long!

A busy few weeks

We have been really busy with buying Christmas presents and going to concerts.

Elaine and I went to see Scissor Sisters at the SECC and they were brilliant, although we were outnumbered as straight people! we were standing beside Wonder woman, superman and Jack Sparrow….. it was a great night.

Then Steve and I went to see Shawn Colvin, I was a bit apprehensive as I don’t listen to any of her music, but Steve was excited so we braved the weather and went out. The support band was cancelled due to something else happening at the venue, but she came on and entertained us all night. It was a good concert she is a great singer (not my kind of music, but I enjoyed it anyway).

Megan is singing Twinkle Twinkle little star in Spanish for the Christmas concert so we are getting renditions of that every day, she is very excited about it.

We have a few more Panto’s and concerts to attend over the next few weeks. This weekend is another candle party and then next Friday 8th Dec we are away to Aviemore with the Scott family to see Santa. Megan and Heather are super excited about it.

Megan and I have the usual colds at this time of year and poor Megan is suffering quite a bit these last couple of days, she has been off nursery and hasn’t managed to keep anything down today because she keeps coughing everything up! Steve is away to Lymington on the south coast, poor soul was up at 5am this morning to catch a flight, he has called and said he is knackered!

We haven’t actually fallen off the face of the earth!

We are actually at home…!

We have had a busy few weeks, Steve has been working nearly every weekend and some evenings too (he is too good and all the councils seam to want him…and who can blame them?), but we have managed to fit in a holiday to Centre Parcs.

Megan thinks we have a second home there, this is actually our 8th time going there. We decided on a longer break this time and went Monday to Monday, which coincided with Halloween and Guy Fawlkes night. Megan went to a Monster ball and had a great time, she didn’t want to leave. We were there for the firework display on 5th Nov, and we must say they were great. Megan was amazed, although its a toss up between Me and Megan who enjoyed it the most!

Centre Parcs gave us some money off vouchers and two day passes as we’re regular customers. Auntie Laura has just moved to Newcastle with Andy, so she came to see us for the day before starting her new job. Megan was thrilled to show Auntie Laura how good she can swim, she also painted Auntie Laura a picture.

We have come back and rushed straight into Christmas shopping….yipee!! Steve forbid me to buy anything before we went away. Megans list for Santa is getting bigger everyday!