Can it really be August already?????

Were does the time go??

Megan is in the full swing of her summer holidays from school, she has finished P2 (which she really enjoyed due to having Mr Falconer as her teacher…) and is now looking forward to going into P3. Her teacher will be Miss McGiffen but she is new to the school so we don’t know anything about her.

Holiday wise, we have had a trip to Disneyland in Paris as a treat for Megan as she had an accident at school and damaged her ear. We had great weather in May for it and really enjoyed it there even if the prices were extortionate!!! Judith and Geoff were back from Australia so we had a trip to Runcorn to spend some time with them and catch up with the rest of the relies. We also had a few days in Warwick, which is just beautiful.

We also have a week booked in Center Parcs for Guy Fawlkes as our annual Christmas break there will coincide with the new baby McTaggart being born.

And that leads us on to family news…..yes Darren & Elaine are expecting their 1st baby and we are all really excited about it, although Megan is praying for the baby to be a girl……

We were also dealt a blow by the sudden death of Steve’s Aunt Ann. She took a massive stroke and passed on a few days later, we were all in shock to say the least.

House wise, we fought Everest and now have a new front door that doesn’t leak, Steve managed to sort out the old garage roof so Megan can play in the toy room and not get wet!!! we have had the roof plastered but thats as far as its gone as we have yet to empty the toy room, and thats a task neither of us can face!!!! Megan has also had her room decorated and has new furniture, we let her pick everything (god help us), so we now have bright pink walls with butterfly stickers and white furniture including what Megan calls her ‘diamond’ bed. It is VERY girly indeed!

Steve is having to go to Australia to work for a few weeks, looks like it may be the end of this month, so he will be away for our anniversary. We are not looking forward to it, but it will be a great experience for him. We also have got rid of the Volvo. It was coming up for 6 years old and everytime it went to the garage it never cost anything less that £300… We went to Volvo to see wat the trade-in on a new one would be, we ended up walking out as they would not budge on the price and were trying to get us to buy something we didn’t even want!!! Very poor service from Parks Volvo at Ayr… So Steve looked around at what he might like and we have ended up with an Audi A6, which is a much better car than the volvo so we are really pleased that they didn’t do a deal… The Audi garage was brill, they couldn’t have been more helpful (even have a play center for kids!),we get free food and drink and a brilliant car. will let Steve tell you all about it.

Well I think thats all for now