First Day at School

It was Megan’s first day at school today (some pictures above) and it all went off very smoothly – although it nearly didn’t go off at all when mum managed not to set the alarm properly!

They only do a half day for the first few weeks, it’ll be September weekend before they stay beyond lunchtime, but they all looked very grown up in their uniforms – and the only tears on show were shed by the mum’s.

The new dishwasher has turned up and is now fully functional, so we’re just waiting for the wall tiles to be finished – that almost happened on Monday, but now looks like we might have to wait to the weekend…


Dishwasher saga continues…

At 10am this morning the Sales Manager person I spoke to last night called. He apologised for the delay and said I would receive a phone call today to arrange delivery of the dishwasher and then I was to call when the dishwasher was here to get an engineer out to fit it. He was very annoyed that the situation had gotten so out of control and hoped it would never happen again, well what can you do, I thanked him for his intervention and said I would let him know when the dishwasher was finally fitted.

The distributer called at 12pm to arrange delivery for tomorrow! yeah! so I immediately called the service folk (who I have been speaking to all week) to arrange an engineer to fit the dishwasher. I think she was as delighted as I was that it might finally arrive. She has arranged for the dishwasher to be fitted on Monday. Lets keep our fingers crossed it all happens…

I think I am going slowly insane…

Just when we thought we were finally getting on with the extension something else ‘pops’ up. Andy the Tiler turned up on his due date and started ripping the tiles off the walls, all was well until he reached the wall at the hob and when he started taking the tiles of off the wall the wall came with them!!!…

Apparently the Builders didn’t plaster that wall as they thought it wasn’t necessary because the wall was being tiled…..argh!!! so Andy did what he could and Danny the Builder couldn’t get here until the next day. Andy left with the promise to come back down. Danny turned up in the morning and it took 6 builders, 2 hours to put up 2 bits of plasterboard! Also the new front door doesn’t seem to want to fit properly and everytime its adjusted it slips back so that you can put a key in the side of the door where is should be sealed (just as well we live in a good neighbourhood!).

We are still waiting on our new dishwasher, so its now been 21 days since we were promised a new one. I have had several phone calls to Whirlpool and I think I have spoken to every department their is. The short story is that the Area Sales Manager for Scotland has made promises he can’t keep and those of you who know me will know that I won’t let that rest. So, tonight I have tracked down his manager and complained about the whole saga, he was very interested in whats happened so hopefully it will be resolved fairly soon…… watch this space….

Megan has lost another tooth which was less traumatic that the first one! She is delighted as her best friend Gabriella has lost the exact same teeth on the exact same days! spooky eh??

We have been busy shopping for Megan’s school uniform and that has been traumatic for me, my baby is going to school… We had a fashion show for Daddy who had a lump in his throat.

We put our 3 seater leather sofa on Ebay and sold it..hooray! and the buyer was delighted as where we. so caught with the bug of selling I am clearing out wardrobes for things to sell, I’m sure It will be a passing phase.

Its my 4th week working at the Post Office, I don’t think I know anymore than when I first started!!! Here was me thinking all I had to do was hand out stamps!…….I had no idea of all the things that you can do at a post office these days! I worked a whole week full time and some of the customers where coming in every day and I was saying to them “its my first day” and they were saying “yeah! you told us that yesterday too”… oops! but they all took it in good humour. I am finding it strange working after being out of a working envrioment for 6 years (being a full time mother doesn’t count apparently!). The Post Mistress has offered me some more hours when Megan starts full time at school, I think that it will be good fun as all the old ladies bring in biscuits…..

Well, Steve is in London somewhere and I have no-one to talk to hence the long posting… post will probably be from Steve.