Hello…. is anyone there????…

My goodness how long has it been since we wrote something on here??? Well, lots has been happening.

Megan has completed her 1st year of Primary School. She had a glowing report from her teacher and has really got into school and is thoroughly enjoying it now.

We have also had Darren & Elaine’s wedding, which was a brilliant day. Megan was a princess in her flower girls dress and Steve looked so hadsome in his kilt! and yes he was a true scotsman…… Elaine was absolutely stunning and Darren was very dashing too. Will keep posting more pictures of them. They had a wonderful honeymoon, 3 days in Dubai then onto the Maldives and back to Dubai for a night in the burg Hotel, and WOW the pictures are fanstastic no wonder its classed as the ‘best hotel in the world’…

We have had some of our Canadian relatives over for the wedding and we have spent most of the summer with them. I met my cousin Craigs daughter for the first time, Ashley is now 14!! and absolutely gorgeous, Megan and her got on really well and was quite upset at saying goodbye. We have also had Dennis, Helen & Ryan back here. We haven’t seen Dennis for 5 years since he emmigrated to Canada so it was very emotional seeing him and then having to say goodbye again. Helen and Ryan are still here and we are spending the day with them tomorrow.

The Bambers are heading down to London on Sunday for a weeks holiday!! poor Dave is putting us up in his new house – he has no idea what he has let himself in for…… We are having dinner with Jim and Claire and then spending the day with the Russells. Megan and the Russell boys get on very well so that should be great fun. Megan actually asked Dave to call the Queen to see if we could go for tea!!!… oh dear!! Dave told her she was away on holiday when we were visiting but we could go and see her house…..

We have now had a full year with our lovely extension, and it has worked out perfectly for us. We have had several dinner parties and get togethers including one with 36 people! I have actually been cooking more and have several dishes I can now russle up!…

Health wise – specialist orthopeadic surgeon was against doing the pelvic fusion on me, there is not a great success rate with it and as I am living a relatively ‘normal’ life, it would be better to leave me as I am… found a brilliant specialist physio woman who has worked wonders for me. I also have developed Vitilligo which is when the pigment of you skin turns white! so I have horrible big white patches all over the place, none on my face just now but appharently its only time before it spreads there too. This developed last year and its certainly gotten worse this year. I have to wear a SPF 50+ all year round and must never sunbathe as I am more likely to get skin cancer now….

Steve is still working extremely hard, and has been travelling away from home much more these days. We have barely seen him recently, although this weekend it was because he was in bed with a major hangover!!!

Well thats all for now as they say.