So close…

Most of the snagging has been done, we’re just waiting on a new front door (should be here Friday) and a new controller screen for the under floor heating – once there in we should be saying adios to the builders. Jacko’s here this evening to put the final coat of paint on the kitchen walls and to wax and rub down the oak skirtings, fascias and doors but we’re not expecting anyone to be here tomorrow (hurrah!).

Its not all good news though, we’re not happy with the job they’ve made of the wall tiles in the kitchen so they’re being deducted and we’re going to get Andy from Campsie Ceramics back to redo them – he’s married to someone Angela’s mum knows and he made a smashing job of some tiling when we moved in, so we’ve more confidence in him getting it done properly then getting the builders to do it again. Its a shame because everything else has been pretty good, but the tiles are just not up to snuff and they will be coming off the final bill (plus the cost of the extra tiles).

Angela’s bought Megan an eight foot trampoline for the back garden (£80 from Makro including a safety enclosure – bargain) so Darren and Elaine are coming down this evening to give us a hand putting it together – no doubt there’ll be a tale to tell (and some piccies) tomorrow…

It’s Finished!

Well actually no it’s not, but it is almost finished…

All the flooring is down in the lounge and the extension, the fascias and skirtings are all just about done and we’re just about at the point where we can draw up the snagging list. According to the blog the started around the end of March so we’ve gone from breaking the ground to snagging in about eight weeks – which is not bad, but we’ll reserve final judgement until the snagging is all fixed. I’ll take few pictures of the current state of play and post them to flickr later today.

You don’t realise just how much it takes over your life, until you spot its nearly a month and half since we last updated the blog – still its not all been chaos and dust over the last few weeks (although it does sometimes feel that way). We managed to fit in Jim and Clare’s wedding in Cambridge last weekend (which was fab) as well as visiting Irene & Vera, Ann & Brian, Graham & Rachel and Mark & Jack) and Matthew & Abigail (and Mark & Adam) en route. We almost managed to visit Laura & Andy on the way back as well, but that proved one visit too far!

The weekend before was Jim’s stag do in Barcelona which was also one to remember, although certain parts are still a bit of a blur – I think I’m still catching up on sleep, its a good job I’d booked the week between the stag do and the wedding off work or I don’t think we’d have made it.

We’ve got a home visit from Megan’s teacher this week (good job that some sanity has been restore to the downstairs so she’ll have somewhere to sit!), so that she’ll have a chance to meet her before she starts school in August. We all get the chance to visit the school next week, but Megan’s already spending the odd day at nursery actually in the school building – so she’s not phased by it all.