The Demise of the Wobbly Tooth

Well its been wobbling for about 18 months, and for the last 6 its been hanging on by a thread, but finally the record breaking wobbly tooth is no more. On Thursday evening after another careful flick of the toothbrush (megan’s been allowing one shot per night on threat of being taken to the dentist to get it pulled) the stubborn little twerp (that’s the tooth not megan) finally flew out. It won’t be missed by anyone here, but the tooth fairy was particularly grateful to get her hands on it after all this time.

If anyone’s visited the site in the last couple of days they might have seen a variety of different looks, as I tried to find a theme that works nicely with the new version and wasn’t too hideous. I think we’ve finally settled on the current theme Elements of SEO as the least likely to turn anyone blind. Let me know what you think.

Apologies to anyone that’s tried to access the TechServices wiki in the last day or so – I upgraded that to the latest version of dokuwiki with out realising firstly that it needed PHP 5 and secondly that I was still running PHP 4. I asked Namesco to upgrade to PHP 5 last night (around 8pm) and by the time I looked this morning it had been done – so fair play to them. Should be ok now but let me know if you have problems.

In light of the weather and number of matches that have been called off I’ve decided pools predictions will have to wait for another week.

Happy New Year!

I know its a bit late but I was doing my best to steer clear of all things IT related over Christmas, and of course as soon as I started back I’ve been swamped by all things work related! Anyway I’ve caught up with myself on the work front and thought it was time for an update.

Unfortunately as I logged in to write this I noticed we were a bit behind on WordPress versions – 2.9.1 is the current release and I’d missed 2.9.0 completely – and I suppose it had to happen sooner or later, but our old theme wasn’t compatible nor was the old Weather Icon plugin. So they’ve both bitten the dust as a result of the upgrade and we know have a new look. It’s a bit too similar to the old one I think, was looking for something a bit different – but this one allowed me to get the site back up quickly, with all the links still showing. You might see some more changes in the near future if I can find something better.

Christmas was good fun, Santa was very kind to everyone and Megan now has a better iPod than me – so I know what I’m asking for next year. The Christmas Dinner leftovers only lasted a few days this time, so I think we’re getting better on the quantities required to feed a dozen people.

Megan stayed up for the bells at New Year for the first time, but I think she was more excited about staying up late rather than anything else – she was in bed by 12:02 and asleep by 12:03.

You probably noticed I didn’t bother with the pools over the hols, had far better things to do for the Christmas games and the FA Cup games at New Year are always a lottery – although I would have predicted a score draw at Reading! I will come up with some predictions for this weekend though, probably on Saturday as another weekend of working looms.

At least the snow hasn’t been playing havoc with my commute to the spare room, having said that I’ve got a trip over to Fife next week that’s looking like its going to be a bit of an expedition.

Another addition to the site that I’m working on (when I can be bothered) is a webcam of the lovely view I’m greeted with every day when I work from home – thought I’d share it with you all. It’s not quite ready yet but to keep you entertained here’s a timelapse video of the shortest day of the year – well the daylight hours anyway…