Not another post, that’s two in a month…

Well January’s already drawing to a close, with no discernable let up in activity on the work front – already managed two working weekends this month (including this one), a couple of flights and 1500+ business miles. Hoping things should calm down a bit next month though, so we might even manage more than two posts.

The Volvo’s now past 76,000 miles (it was at 49,000 12 months ago) and in need of a couple of new tyres (CostCo look the cheapest at £230 for a couple of Michelin Primacy HP) but apart from that still seems to be going strong. Hoping to squeeze another couple of years out of it if I can, time will tell on that though.

We’re still waiting for Everest to fix the saga of the leaky letterbox, we’ve had five different engineers round so far – the last lot stripped the door down and rebuilt it after filling it up with silicone but its made absolutely no difference. We’re holding out for a new door now, the Installation Manager’s coming out next week to inspect it and we’re planning on keeping him hostage until he agrees.

I’ve upgraded the site to WordPress 2.7 so let me know if anything’s broken. It looks a lot fancier than previous versions, not sure yet if its actually any better but the admin pages certainly looks prettier…

Happy New Year for 2009

Another update from the Bambers, something must be wrong surely…………

We ended 2008 with a trip to Center Parcs with Nana & Grandad (becoming a family tradition now) to see Santa. We also had a trip to Aviemore for their Santa weekend with the Scott family (another tradition).

2008 also brought lots of the McTaggart family together for Darren & Elaine’s wedding, Craig & Ashley, Dennis, Helen & Ryan came over from Canada and spent a few weeks with us, which was brilliant. My mum also turned 60!! we threw her a party, and everyone esp Megan had a ball.

Sadly my Uncle Dennis took unwell the week after my Mum’s birthday and after a brief battle with cancer he passed away on the 14th December.

We took Megan to see Joseph and his amazing technicolour dreamcoat and she absolutely loved it. Its the 1st time we have taken her to anything like that before.

New Year was quiet for us, Steve and I stayed up for the bells, spoke to a few people and then went to bed as we had 10 coming for dinner. Everyone arrived about 1.30pm and wee Laura brought down a new game for the nintendo wii, we all had a shot and it was hysterical!

We also saw Laura Clarke get married a the very end of 2008, so we wish her well in her new life with Andy. They have moved (again) to Middlesborough and have put an offer in on a house so we hope they are putting roots down and staying put for a while at least.

House wise – we have had a new front door and side door fitted and a new window in the downstairs loo. We have water coming the toy room, which used to be the garage and the plaster on the ceiling is about to fall down. Steve has been out on the roof sealing it, but we may have to employ a roofer to sort it out.

I am now busy organising Megan’s 7th, yes 7th, birthday party. We are having a joint party with Heather Scott as their birthdays are 2 days appart. We have a magician to entertain the 60 kids who are being invited. Phew!

We have no other plans as yet, we were hoping to get to Canada this year, but with prices so high we might wait until next year…. hopefully we will be better this year at updating this site………

Merry Christmas

Well then, how is everyone????

I am at home this week with a very poorly Megan, so I thought I’d take 5 mins to to a wee update…..

We had a lovely Christmas, Megan was very excited to say the least! Nana and Grandad came down on Christmas Eve and we all went to the new Frankie & Benny’s in Irvine for dinner. We had a really good time, came home and attempted to get Megan to go to sleep!! She said she couldnt’ sleep as she kept hearing Santa’s bells…..

Christmas morning and Megan woke up at 8am (very reasonable) and we all came downstairs to find that Santa had been and left us all presents. Megan wanted to give everyone theirs first, then she got stuck into opening hers.. finished at 10.30 am!!! we had breakfast and then all got ready. Darren and Elaine arrived at 12 and we all had some soup to keep us going. We also had some champagne (well I had 2 bottles), we were having such a laugh, Megan was on the table dancing and singing. Darren & Elaine left to have their meal (having their 1st Christmas as husband and wife together), we settled down to having our dinner, although Steve had to take over as I was a bit merry and making my way thru’ my 3rd bottle!!

Nana & Grandad left us about 8pm to go and get Aunt Ina who was staying with them, we got Megan to bed and sat down and relaxed before falling into bed exhausted.

Thanks to everyone for all our presents and of course for Megan’s everyone was very kind.