Back to School

It must be time for another update, Megan’s back at school next week (Primary 4) and we’ve not posted anything since we were in Canada – sorry about that. The holiday was finished off in fine style up in Sun Speaks, in the snow and the hot tub, and there was more than a tear or two shed when we had to head off to the airport for the trip home. I think Megan would move out to Vancouver in a heartbeat, she had a great time!

We’ve had some more fun over the summer too, in spite of the rainy weather since the schools finished at the end of June. We had a visit from Zoe, Mike and Darcey last month – was great to see them again, had been far too long. Megan and Darcey got on like a house fire – they’re really quite similar despite the age difference. That visit was followed by one from Dave & Teresa which was just as much fun – and some dodgy old photos were posted on Facebook as a result.

(Dave – what’s it worth to keep the other ones under wraps ?!)

There’s not movement on the house front so we may well just end staying put, but we’ve not given up just yet – time will tell. Megan and I spent this weekend destroying and disposing of some old and rotten garden furniture – which was surprisingly therapeutic – whilst Angela met up with some pals from school in Glasgow on Saturday night (and then spent most of Sunday recovering).

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