Winter’s Back

How wrong can you get?

Spring has most definitely not sprung in the icy north, the snow is back and falling quick heavily at the moment. Arran has turned white again and Arran Cam is now up and running so you can see for yourself. It should update every few minutes whenever the PC happens to be turned on.

Yesterday was a bit of a nightmare, the power was on and off most of the morning and when it came back broadband was out for the rest of the day. On top of that we’ve got a leaky roof, I think mainly because the prevailing wind has been from the North East during the storms of the last day or two – which means it’s hitting the back of the house rather the front which usually takes the brunt of the bad weather.

As luck would have it yesterday was also the day work ported our mobiles from T-Mobile to Vodafone – now you don’t get a good signal on Vodafone at the best of times, but yesterday all the networks were down thanks to the power cuts so I had to go into Irvine to find a signal to activate the new Blackberry. I use the word new in its loosest possible sense having been upgraded from an 8900 on T-Mobile to an 8310 on Vodafone – feels like I’ve gone back in time three years. Maybe I should sell those banking shares, I sense trouble in the markets.

Oh and it turns out I can do worse than Mark Lawrenson, managing a less than impressive 3 out of 10 on the Premier League predictions – I’ll try harder this week…

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