The Weekend That Was

I could do without too many weekends like that one – after two long days and late nights I’ve spent most of Monday rolling back everything that was upgrade back to where we were on Friday night. I’ll not bore anyone with the gory details suffice to say neither Sun nor Oracle will not be on my Christmas card list this year. Although having said that they probably wouldn’t have been if the upgrade had gone to plan anyway.

On top of that we had the Sky engineer out to replace the HD box, the power supply went phut last week and it only took 6 days to send someone out, and I dont think its stopped raining since Thursday. On the upside Sunday afternoon was brightened by a visit from Erin and her (sleep deprived) Mum & Dad, although there were still too many work hassles for Uncle Steve to make the most of the visit.

Dont think we did too badly on the football pools prediction front though

Draws: 6/10 – Coventry, Oldham, Hull, Southamtpon, Motherwell, Arbroath

Homes: 4/5 – Chelsea, Rangers, Manchester Utd, Chesterfield

Aways: 2/5 – Bournemouth, Leeds

Admittedly Arbroath was postponed due to the weather and was classed a no score draw by the pools panel – but 5 score draws and 1 no score draw isn’t too bad, we’ll see if we can improve on that next weekend.

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