Center Parcs & Baby Erin

Lots of stuff has happened in the last couple of weeks, its hard to know where to start!

We manged to squeeze in a week at Center Parcs in Penrith, Megan had a ball as usual and we were there over Bonfire Night as well – the fireworks (and the hog roast) they put on were pretty impressive. Nana and Grandad came along too although I think they were worn out by the end of the week.

There was no time for recuperation though as last weekend saw the arrival (a couple of weeks early) of little Erin McTaggart – everyone’s fit and well and was back home by Monday, although I think Darren and Elaine are still getting used to the idea of being Mum & Dad. Lots of photos have already been loaded onto Facebook by Darren & Aunty Angela for those that are interested.

I’ve been on the road again since we came back, fortunately just round Scotland but I did have to negotiate the flooding and travel chaos last night – 4 hours to get back from Stirling (which is around 60 miles away). Still at least we didn’t get it quite as bad as Cumbria seem to have done.

I’m working this weekend (from home thankfully) so you may find there’s one or two more entries appear in the near future, but WordPress 2.8.6 is out so I’ve loaded that up already and all seems to be well – loving the new two click/60 second upgrade process.

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