Sometimes there’s just too much going on…

Normally a lack of activity on here just means there’s just not been much to blog about, but this year it seems like it’s quite the opposite!

There’s been all sorts of stuff happening good and bad (as Angela’s last post showed) but there never seems to be any time to sit down and write about it. Whether its jetting off down under for two and half weeks, or rattling round the UK like an itinerant salesman (2100 miles this month and counting) I never seem to be in a position to blog about it.

So to that end I’ve been trying to make it easier for me to post updates – I’ve updated the site to WordPress 2.8.5 (the latest version) which has some significant improvements. Kudos to the developers on the upgrade too, it’s now just a matter of a couple of clicks on the site admin pages – not that they were that difficult in the first place.

I’ve also installed the latest version of the postie plugin on the site, that means I can now post straight to the site by email from the blackberry (or any other device!) wherever I happen to be.

Lets see if that makes a difference to the number of posts 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sometimes there’s just too much going on…

  1. Good stuff, looking forward to blog comments from on the road. Did you get a break whilst in Oz?

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