Not another post, that’s two in a month…

Well January’s already drawing to a close, with no discernable let up in activity on the work front – already managed two working weekends this month (including this one), a couple of flights and 1500+ business miles. Hoping things should calm down a bit next month though, so we might even manage more than two posts.

The Volvo’s now past 76,000 miles (it was at 49,000 12 months ago) and in need of a couple of new tyres (CostCo look the cheapest at £230 for a couple of Michelin Primacy HP) but apart from that still seems to be going strong. Hoping to squeeze another couple of years out of it if I can, time will tell on that though.

We’re still waiting for Everest to fix the saga of the leaky letterbox, we’ve had five different engineers round so far – the last lot stripped the door down and rebuilt it after filling it up with silicone but its made absolutely no difference. We’re holding out for a new door now, the Installation Manager’s coming out next week to inspect it and we’re planning on keeping him hostage until he agrees.

I’ve upgraded the site to WordPress 2.7 so let me know if anything’s broken. It looks a lot fancier than previous versions, not sure yet if its actually any better but the admin pages certainly looks prettier…

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