First Day of 2008

Well almost!

Can it really be that long since we posted an update – Megan’s first term at school has really flown by, she starts back on Monday and has been absolutely loving it. Although I’m not sure she’s that keen to go back after Christmas, but that’s probably more to do with the vast number of presents she’s still not had time to play with properly yet.

Some of us are back at work already though (boo!) and the diary for January is already looking quite full – the last few months of last year were as busy work wise as any I can remember and looks like 2008 is going to be just as bad. In takeover news (we’ll we’ve not had one for a couple of years now) looks like Northgate is going to be bought by a private equity firm (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co) – apparently no changes to the management team or the long term strategy, we’ll just be funded by KKR rather than publicly listed. I guess time will tell on that front…

The tiling in the kitchen was finally finished a couple of months ago, and we also had to replace the shower in the ensuite when it started leaking all over the new extension (narrowly missing the piano fortunately) but that’s been done too and it’s all looking quite smart. We found an excellent plumber through the PlumbLocal website who did a cracking job of the ensuite for a fraction of what the bathroom companies were asking – if you’re in need of plumber we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them as a first port of call.

We’ve also got the back garden finished in time for Christmas – although its been a but too wet and windy to actually take advantage of it yet. I’ll load some pictures of everything onto the flickr site, but the grass is all gone (along with the mower if I can just get the front garden done too!) and we found some really good rubber ‘bark’ for Megan’s play area from EcoScape. It comes in all sorts of colours, although not pink (fortunately), and worked out at about £15 per square metre – it really is quite spongy and I’m sure will be much safer than what was down previously.

We also managed to squeeze in a long weekend at Center Parcs and a trip to see Santa in Aviemore last year, so its not like we didn’t have anything to blog about – we were just too busy enjoying ourselves, or possibly playing Scrabble on Facebook (you know who you are!).

Hope you all had a great Christmas and here’s to a happy and healthy 2008 – with hopefully significantly less building work than last year!

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