It’s been a while but…

…we might be one step closer to putting the extension to bed.

We finally got the electrical safety certificate today, which means we can now apply for the completion certificate from the council and we can maybe finally say that the extension is completely finished.

Andy was down yesterday to redo the tiling in the kitchen, but unfortunately when he was removing the tiles from behind the hob most of the wall came away with them – the other walls had been plastered and the tiles came away easily, but these had been applied to the bare plasterboard and weren’t for letting go. It meant he could only do half the job yesteday and we had to get Danny back to repair the plasterboard today – still that’s been done now (and it meant we got the certificate) and Andy should be back to finish the tiling at the end of the week, and that will be that.

Well almost.

Turns out the integrated dishwasher needs to be replaced too – its taken a whack in transit and the back if the inside of the machine is dented and the drawer and front door consequently don’t quite close properly. Whirlpool have agreed to replace it free of charge since it must have happened in the factory but we’re still waiting to hear when we’ll get the new one. Still when that turns up then that really will be that.


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