A Visit From The Tooth Fairy & Other Stories

It’s been a long time since the last post (sorry about that) but its not because there’s been nothing going on, just never seem to have gotten round to writing about it.

Anyway here’s a quick recap of the most recent events of note

  • Megan’s lost her first tooth (see picture above!) – she was a bit traumatized by the whole thing and has decided to keep the tooth in a jar rather than let the tooth fairy have it. The tooth fairy was very understanding though, and left a note and some pennies all the same.
  • Angela’s started work a the Post Office in West Kilbride – she’s just going to work Saturday morning’s eventually although she’s in all week this week to get trained up in stamps and postal orders.
  • The One-Day International between Pakistan and India at Clydesdale got rained off (no flaming jeeps fortunately), but the network I installed coped admirably with dozens of bored journalists browsing the internet rather than reporting on the cricket.
  • Alan took me for a trip under the Clyde in the mini rescue submarine – a bit like floating through pea soup in a filing cabinet, but great fun all the same.
  • The extension is all done bar the shouting (and the completion certificate) and has already hosted a couple of parties – Dave’s coming up next month to give it his seal of approval too.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s all I can think of right now.

I’ll try to update the site a bit more regularly in the future (but I think I may have said that before!) 🙂

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