Center Parcs Again

We’re just back from another weekend at Center Parcs – this time we met Graham, Rachel, Mark & Jack there for an action packed weekend! Mark and Megan had a ball just having someone to play with, and although we were all worn out come Monday morning a good time was had by all.

By the time we got back the council had finished dropping the kerb outside the house – they had arrived on Friday just as we were leaving. Since we moved in nearly seven years ago we’ve had a double width drive with a single width drop, which meant a bit of cunning manouevering each time we came home to avoid bumping up the kerb. They’ve made a pretty neat job of it, and couldn’t really have timed it any better if they’d tried – now we just have to wait for the bill.

Looks like there could be some extension building activity in the very near future, but I’m not counting any chickens on that front just yet – there’s still a couple of hoops to jump through yet.

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