Crikey it’s nearly February…

Can’t believe we’re nearly through January already! I’ve managed to fit in trips to Forfar, Liverpool & Alderley Edge already this month with Sheffield, Northallerton, Belfast and a Edinburgh still to come before the end of the month, And then I’ve got three days in Winchester the first week in February. It’s been a while since I’ve had to do this much travelling.

Still we’ve got the first holiday of the year lined up, with a weekend in February at Center Parcs with Graham, Rachel, Mark & Jack – which I think I’ll need at this rate. The following weekend Dave’s coming up for a visit which we’re also looking for too – not seen him for ages – and then it won’t be long till Megan’s birthday party. So by then I’ll be looking forward to the next holiday which will be for Jim’s stag do in Barcelona in May – Dave’s been doing a sterling job of organising, we got flights sorted just need somewhere to stay…

The move upstairs is working out nicely, got everything working just the way I like it – got a couple of jobs on this weekend so it’s nice being able to look out across the Firth of Clyde again as I’m working.

There’s lots of snow on top of Arran today – it’s just appeared for the first time in a week or so. 🙂

I’m using a couple of Netgear XE104 Power Line Ethernet Switches to route the network down to the ADSL routers that have stayed in the study – and the were the true definition of ‘plug and play’. Just plug them in, wire them up and you’ve got instant networking round the house – very impressive.

Also discovered the rather neat One For All Wireless Phone Extender which uses DECT to give you a phone socket anywhere in your house without having to run a cable. Extremely handy if your Sky box is miles from the nearest phone point and you don’t fancy running wires everywhere.

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