A busy few weeks

We have been really busy with buying Christmas presents and going to concerts.

Elaine and I went to see Scissor Sisters at the SECC and they were brilliant, although we were outnumbered as straight people! we were standing beside Wonder woman, superman and Jack Sparrow….. it was a great night.

Then Steve and I went to see Shawn Colvin, I was a bit apprehensive as I don’t listen to any of her music, but Steve was excited so we braved the weather and went out. The support band was cancelled due to something else happening at the venue, but she came on and entertained us all night. It was a good concert she is a great singer (not my kind of music, but I enjoyed it anyway).

Megan is singing Twinkle Twinkle little star in Spanish for the Christmas concert so we are getting renditions of that every day, she is very excited about it.

We have a few more Panto’s and concerts to attend over the next few weeks. This weekend is another candle party and then next Friday 8th Dec we are away to Aviemore with the Scott family to see Santa. Megan and Heather are super excited about it.

Megan and I have the usual colds at this time of year and poor Megan is suffering quite a bit these last couple of days, she has been off nursery and hasn’t managed to keep anything down today because she keeps coughing everything up! Steve is away to Lymington on the south coast, poor soul was up at 5am this morning to catch a flight, he has called and said he is knackered!

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