Complicated Shadows

Just finished reading the excellent Complicated Shadows: The Life and Music of Elvis Costello by Graham Thompson – a fascinating read, although you probably need to be a self confessed Elvis nutter to get that much from it. Having missed out on the early years (being only six when My Aim Is True was released!) it was really interesting to put all those early records into context, and also get all the gory details behind the split with the Attractions, and why Bruce Thomas is the only Attraction that’s still firmly out in the cold (and likely to stay their indefinitely!). It’s also been a great excuse to revisit some of those albums i’ve not listened to for a while!

It’s also been Megan’s half term this week, so they’ve been up to all sorts – visiting nana at work on Monday, a couple of swimming trips and a new hairdo each (mum’s even gone a different colour!). To round off the week mum’s up to the Public Hall in the village with Auntie Elaine and the usual crowd for a psychic evening. I’m not quite sure what to expect when they get back…

Hockey tomorrow is away to Giffnock, which is a damn site nearer than last week which was away to Aberdeen (cup game). On top of the long trip we had no goal keeper so muggins volunteered to get padded up and stand between the sticks. Some inspired saves and the odd comedy moment saw us actually go in at half time leading 1-0, and when we bagged a second against the run of play at the start of the second half there were visions of a glorious cup run. Unfortunately they pulled one back when an aimless punt up field that I stepped over, didn’t got out of play as expected but hit the post and bounced back to their center forward (if only I’d kicked it away!). Two further goals in the last ten minutes (despite some more excellent goalkeeping!) was finally enough to knock us out 3-2.

Managed a game of snooker with Darren on Tuesday night, and it was much closer than last time but I was edged out on a couple of black ball finishes again to leave the overall score at 10-5 – I think I’ll need to take the cue to Center Parcs for a bit of practice!

Elizabeth Critchley’s birth certificate arrived this week too, which has given me her maiden name but also helped shed some light on how the ended up moving from South Shields to St Helens, but more on that another day methinks…

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