More Scrobbling

I found a plugin for the SlimServer software that powers the Squeezebox, so I can now scrobble songs that I play through the hi-fi not just on the computer – which means we’ll soon be hitting the 1000 tracks scrobbled mark.

The track count was helped along a bit by the birthday party for Angela’s mum on Saturday evening – we had a full house with Alec and Darren & Elaine down too. We had a some good food (and drink – Alec & Darren were celebrating Scotland beating France too) and the evening was topped off by a surprise phone call from the McLean’s in Canada.

Not so much fun been had today though, Angela was off to Glagow this morning to see Dr Skinner but managed to have a wee bump in the car en route. Nothing too serious, she was just a bit sharper off the mark than the car in front at a set of traffic lights in Glasgow – no real damage done to her car, and not much to the one in front. She gave her details to the guy who was driving but we’re still waiting for him to phone – maybe he’s decided it’s not worth the bother.

It was photo day at the nursery today too, but we didn’t know (or we’d forgotten) so Megan wasn’t done out in her Sunday best as her mum (but not Megan) would have preferred. I’m sure she’ll still look lovely on the photo though!

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