It’s October…

…and time for another update. I was on another Red Hat course last week, this time the fast track RHCE (Certified Engineer) training course and exam – managed to pass without too much bother, but it did seem to take up a lot of time hence the lack of blog activity.

Anyway since the last update I’ve managed another game of snooker with Darren – finished all square 4-4 this time – and the Hockey seaon’s well underway. Played for the fourth eleven on Saturday but couldn’t stop us losing 5-2 to Ayr’s 3rd team – the week before we’d won comfortably but unfortunately that had just been a friendly.

The tickets for the Shawn Colvin gig have arrived, as has the copy of the new album (which is highly recommended) and a new iPod for hooking up to the connector in the Volvo. I’ve been quite impressed with the quality of the iPod support on Linux these days – both Amarok and Banshee will now sync your music files without much effort, of if you prefer more control then GtkPod let’s you tweak just about anything on the iPod that can be tweaked.

We’re still waiting on some quotes for the extension, but there is a possibility that our preferred builder may be able to start work on the foundations before Christmas – guess that’s going to be very dependant on the weather though…

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