Is it really a month?

Since the last blog? Crikey where did that go? Loads of stuff been going on so here’s the potted highlights…

We’ve finally got the building warrant through from the Council which means we can start the extension – hurray! Unfortunately the builders can’t now fit us in until after Christmas so there will be no more movement on that from until the New Year – boo!

To cheer us up at the lack of building work we’ve gone all High-Definition. A new telly from Toshiba and a Sky HD box means I can now watch Liverpool losing to Everton in excrutiating detail – although the extra pixels do seem to have improved England’s form in the one-day internationals.

We’ve also invested in a new bed, which will hopefully arrive before the current Ikea offering falls apart completely. The bed’s not High-Definition, but it is still a bit hi-tech with Tempur mattresses and an adjustable base and should turn up in the middle of next month.

The cricket season’s now finished, and with work and other stuff I didn’t manage any more games but at least the hockey seaons’s started again – although I missed last Saturday because it was our anniversary and will miss this weekend because of work. I did manage to beat Darren at snooker again last week, so the score now stands at slightly more respectable 8-5 to him – probably be a game of doubles next week if we can arrange it.

On the techie front Gentoo went all POSIX threads and GCC 4.1.1 a week or two back which meant a recompile of every package on the system – took about 4 days to recompile everything, but I was still able to continue using the system during that time. It was a bit slow on occasion but impressively stable and it all compiled flawlessly – even XGL carried on working throughout, you’ve just got to love linux!

Apparently this is the 100th news item on the blog, which must count as some sort of milestone – hopefully number 101 will follow a bit more quickly…

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