BT Openzone-in-a-Box

The European Cricket Championships are being played in the West of Scotland at the moment, and whilst the Israeli team are generating the most interest, there are actually lots of other teams competing. The tournament organiser is a member at Clydesdale so I’d agreed to help setup some BT Openzone wireless routers he’d bought to provide internet access for the jounralists attending the games.

For a hefty fee BT will send you a BT Openzone-in-a-Box pack, that includes a wireless router, that plugs into your existing ADSL router (assuming you have one) to create an instant BT Openzone hot-spot. At least that’s the theory…

BT Openzone (eventually) supplied 5 of these boxes to be installed at Clydesdale, Polloc, Glasgow Academicals, West of Scotland and Ayr but of the 5 supplied only 3 actually worked. The other two simply failed to create the BT Openzone wireless hot-spot, just leaving you with a network called ‘default’ that wouldn’t serve up IP addresses to anyone trying to connect. There’s basically nothing you can configure on these routers, and just swapping out the broken ones for the working ones was enough to create the hot-spot so there’s no doubt the routers were just knackered.

So to summarise the service from BT Openzone

  • Only 3 of the 5 supplied routers actually worked – leaving two of the cricket grounds without hot-spots
  • The routers, which should have been delivered weeks ago, only arrived on Wednesday – the day before the tournament started
  • The BT Openzone vouchers that should have been supplied with them were nowhere to be seen – we’re still waiting for them

I can only recommend that if for some reason you are thinking about getting one of these – don’t!

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