Another eventful week in the Bamber household

Nana & Grandad came down on Monday and we all went out to lunch, then Steve left to go to a team meeting in Alderly Edge. Good fun was had by all and mum and I managed to get some packing done, getting ready for the work starting, whenever that may be….

Megan wanted her face painted so I did a tiger face as best as I could, but Megan also wanted Grandad to have his face painted too!! photos will be published as soon as Steve gets back…they make interesting viewing. Apparently the neighbours were highly entertained by them both.

Tuesday brought Aunt Ina and Uncle Dennis down for the day and we spend most of it down on the beach with Megan swimming in the sea and Aunt Ina in the water up to her bottom, which was very wet indeed!! Steve came back on Tuesday, tired and hungover but we were so glad to see him.

Thursday night and I was off with my brother Darren to the Billy Joel concert at the SECC. It was a brilliant night, Peter Kay was on first and got the crowd going with his ‘Amarillo’ song. Billy Joel came on at 8.10pm and never stopped until 11pm, we were hoarse by the end of the night with all our singing.

Friday night and I am out again, it was Elisabeth’s 30th Birthday party at the Bowling Club in West Kilbride. I ended up going out the girls as their husbands were all working, we had a brilliant night and managed to spend less than £10 each!! It helped that we had 2 drinks bought for us by some bloke who took rather a liking to me. Finally sauntered in at 1.30am and woke Steve up to tell him what a laugh we had and repeated the whole night to him!!!

Steve was up and away early on Sat to do some computery thing for the cricket club. West Kilbride held its annual Scarecrow Festival in the afternoon and Megan and I walked up to the village to joing the procession through the village, it was a rubbish day as it didn’t stop raining. The kids had a great time but the adults all looked a bit soaked and fed up. Audrey and I ended up taking the kids round to the Hydro and sat there for a couple of hours before heading home. I was nursing a hangover and was extremely tired so an early night was in store for me.

We went to Glasgow today to have some lunch before Steve headed off to Liverpool. He has been seconded to another part of Northgate, so he is off to sort out problems that Merseyside Police have with their system. He is quite excited about getting his hands on something new and is hoping some more work will come out of it. We don’t know when he will be back so Megan is missing him already… am I….

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