What Heatwave?

Well Prestwick was officially the hottest place in Scotland today, the thermometer hit 31 this afternoon and it’s not much cooler just now – it’s so warm that we had to invest in a couple of fans to stop the study from melting. It’s not really something we’re that used to north of the border, but there’s rain promised for tomorrow so normal service will be resumed shortly.

The weekend was eventful – no cricket this week as I was working on Saturday but Alan, Audrey and Heather came round for tea and we all enjoyed the sunny weather (and a few too many drinks for some) until Megan and Heather could stay awake no longer. I’ve uploaded a couple of pictures from the evening’s festivities so they should be showing on the flickr badge above. Sunday was the River Festival up at the SECC in Glasgow, and although mum was a little bit hungover and Megan was a bit tired it was still another fun day out.

Since we got the Squeezebox the PC hasn’t been hooked up to the stereo, and so I’ve been without sound for a while. It came to head on Saturday as I tried to watch coverage of the Wrexham v Liverpool pre season game on the web – bit hard to tell what’s going when you’ve only got a small picture and no sound.

So I popped into PC World (near the SECC) on Sunday and picked up a Creative SBS 380 package (two speakers and a subwoofer) for half price.

They’re not exactly hi-fi but for watching footy on the computer they’re pretty good, and for £15 you can’t really complain. 🙂

Virgin have been promising us a free broadband upgrade from 2Mbps to 8Mbps since the beginning of May – last week it was going to be within the next ‘week or so’ but I’m still waiting. Word on the street is there’s been lots of teething troubles for those lucky (?) ones to have been upgraded already – here’s hoping they don’t make a mess of ours…

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