It’s Friday again

I’ve finally sorted out the DVD drive (hopefully) – turns out this time it was just a timing problem. Seems the new kernel is just too quick for it, trying to rip the data before it’s had time to spin up to speed. Fortunately there’s a helpful setting in grip that lets you delay ripping for just this reason, turn it on and the drive gets an extra second to spin and no more DMA errors.

Upgraded to cups v1.2.1 and gutenprint v5.0.0-rc3 (formally gimp-print) this week, and I have to say it was revelation. Setting up a printer on linux used to be a bit of a black art, assuming you could find the right driver in the first place – but this was a piece of cake. Pointing a browser at cups I discovered it had already spotted and identified the printer, was suggesting which driver to use so that all I had to do was click ok – printer installed configured and working! It was actually easier to install on linux than it was on windows – definitely a first for a printer…

Slim Devices have released a new version of the SlimServer software for the Squeezebox, as well as a firmware update. Apart from a few bigfixes the main addition seems to be support for Rhapsody – RealNetworks DRM format. Not something I really need, but I’ve updated anyway to get the bugfixes.

Grandad was down yesterday for his birthday – they spent the afternoon at Kelburn Castle Country Park, although I’m not sure who had the most fun. Mum and Grandad seem to have spent more time on the slides than Megan…

It was snooker again on Wednesday, first time in three weeks, and I think the extra week didn’t do me any favours. The first frame was close, Darren won on the black, but after that I couldn’t pot a thing. Managed to get it together by the final frame but still ended up losing 4-1, which I think makes it 8-3 overall (so much for catching up!)

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