More New Versions

New versions of Firefox (v1.5.0.4) and Thunderbird (v1.5.0.4) were released today – if you use them, then it’s time to upgrade. 🙂

I’ve done a bit more work on the style sheets for this site too, although you might not notice much difference. I’ve removed all font sizings based on ‘px’ and replaced them with ’em’ sizings – this means that the site should conform more closely to the font settings of your browser, and also scale better if you increase or decrease your font size.

The new style sheets have been tested with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari and they seem to work ok – but if anyone has problems then let me know!

I’ve got my first cricket match of the season tomorrow, weather permitting – we’re playing Rouken Glen at Nether Pollok at 1pm. Had to retrieve my kit from the loft this afternoon, it’s generally in good condition (well it’s mostly how it was when it went up in the loft, can’t really claim that’s good) except for the grip on the bat which has perished a bit. I’ve ordered some new ones from Barrington Sports but they unlikely to turn up before next week, so lets hope tomorrow’s not the last game of the season too!