Motoring News

We picked up the new car today, and first impressions are all good – well almost, Megan said she preferred the colour of the old one. 🙂

It rides better that the last one, I think the larger alloys help, the engine is more responsive (although it’s the same size so it was presumably just old age that let the last one down a bit) and we’ve discovered it’s also got a rain sensor that controls the speed of the intermittent wipers – very neat. The service from Park’s was excellent as usual and to top it all Angela was presented with a big bouquet of flowers as we were leaving!

It’s been another busy week in the Bamber household – Tuesday night dad went the King’s Theatre in Glasgow with Uncle Darren to see Rik Mayall in The New Statesman. It had obviously been updated for current poltical climate, but there was all the usual physical humour and comical facial expressions you’d expect from Rik Mayall. Yes Prime Minister it’s not, but good fun all the same.

Thursday was Megan’s end of term concert and graduation ceremony – although grauduation ceremony is probably a bit of a grand term for moving from ante pre-school to pre-school, but who a I to quibble. I’ve uploaded a photo from the concert, and one of a couple of tigers that went for lunch with Mum and Grandad afterwards, to the flickr account – they should be visible on the badge above.

Thursday evening was a 20 over a side cricket match up at Clydesdale. Poloc batted first and scored 193-2 of their 20 overs – we didn’t bowl that well, and even I got the chance to turn my arm over and watch the ball fly to the boundary. We started batting well enough though and by the time I got the crease we were around 60 runs shy of the total with 8 overs and 6 wickets in hand. Another brief cameo followed with 9 off 5 balls, including a sublime on-drive for four, before I was trapped lbw – fortunately the run rate didn’t suffer and eventually we ran out winning the game with 3 wickets and 10 balls to spare.

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