Flickr and F-Spot

I’ve been experimenting with flickr and f-spot – the personal photo management application for the GNOME desktop.

You can do all the things you’d expect from a photo management application with f-spot, but the really nice feature is the ability to export directly to your flickr account – resizing and tagging automatically. To test it out I’ve uploaded a photo of the new car (pinched from the Volvo website) and one of Megan’s Sports Day – as she tries to choose which scarf to wear for the fancy dress race!

I’ve added a flickr badge to the top of this page too, so you’ll be able to see those and new any photos I add in the coming weeks – which will be handy for documenting the work on the extension.

Wasn’t overly impressed by the html code that flickr supply for their html badge though – whilst it mostly worked it was frankly a bit of a shambles and broke the validation of this site with a number of basic errors. I hacked it around a bit and came up with the much simpler (and syntactically correct!) version you see above – well I like it anyway…

3 thoughts on “Flickr and F-Spot

  1. Hi Steve,

    is there anyway to get the RSS feed working for Emm blog? The newsreader I have does not seem to have a way for my login for Emm’s blog, or can you suggest one that views via IE6 (from work I cannot install software on this machine).


  2. Hi Kayee

    I’ve not found one that will cope with the login to her blog either – I use lifrea, but I think it needs one that understands cookies in order to get at Em’s feed.

    If I find anything I’ll let you know…

  3. Turns out liferea can cope with cookies, you just have to google their website to find out how –

    Probably not much use to you unless you use linux, but find a windows reader that will let you use cookies and you could be in business – it works for me now!


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