Saturday Update

Well its Saturday again and I’m home alone working on another migration – been a straightfoward one though so should be finished before teatime with a bit of luck. Angela and Megan are off to Glasgow for lunch with Kimberley and baby Rory, then Megan’s staying at Nana’s again tonight so we can have the night out we didn’t manage the other weekend with Angela’s dodgy foot – just a shame Jim, Clare & Dave aren’t here this weekend!

Been a busy week this week – missed the footy on Tuesday night because we were attending an adoption meeting in Glasgow. To be honest it was quite disheartening, the explained that as we fall under the Glasgow area then the vast majority of babies that come up for adoption have been removed from their mother’s due to extreme neglect or drug/alcohol dependency. The agency are also still very keen for adopted children to maintain contact with their birth family – we feel we have to be careful that we’re not doing anything that will disadvantage Megan, so we’ve got some difficult decisions to make if we’re to take this any further.

Got some good news from Amnesty this week, one of the Urgent Actions we were sending faxes and emails for recently seems to have had the desired effect…

Lawyer Maria Aparecida Denadai is finally receiving adequate protection from the Federal Police, and is no longer in immediate danger.

She had been receiving death threats and had suffered intimidation as a result of the investigation into the 2002 killing of her brother, Marcelo Denadai, as he was preparing to reveal evidence of political corruption. In mid-February, after her case had been referred to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, she was provided with protection by the Federal Police. However, this protection was at first withdrawn, and was then inadequate once it was reinstated.

It is only after persistent complaints that she is now receiving adequate protection.

Amnesty International will continue to monitor the situation, and take further campaigning action as necessary. No further action is requested from the UA network. Many thanks to all who sent appeals.

It’s good to know you can make a difference with these things.

Unfortunately didn’t have a positive effect on my snooker playing – Darren & Elaine came down for tea on Wednesday and we left the girls talking weddings for a game down in Largs. Darren won the first four frames, and although I clawed a couple back he still ran out winning to stretch the lead to 7-3 overall.

The Volvo’s at 99,500 miles and whilst I was planning on running it a bit longer I’ve realised the PCP on Angela’s car is going to be up in a little over 12 months so I might be better changing it this year rather than having to deal with both next year. It’s 5 and a half years old now, and rumour’s abound that if you get a car allowance from work then you can’t run a car more than 6 years old, so I might be forced to change it next year. Would be better to do it this year if I can find a good deal, and I may just have spotted one – watch this space…

On the web front Dave’s website and blog are now up and running – with some very dodgy jingles from CUR to enjoy – and it seems like Kayee’s been bitten by the blogging bug too.

Everybody’s at it! 🙂

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