Repaired at last

Got the damaged speaker up to Sevenoaks today, and they fitted the new driver whilst I waited – the repair only took ten minutes, and I could probably have done it myself. The drive unit was only held in by three screws, and the internal connections were all terminated with simple push clips – very neat. It looks good as new, although whether it’s battle scars had actually had any impact on the sound is debatable.

Megan had her sports day at the nursery yesterday, and everyone had a good time. Comedy moment of the event occurred in the second race where the kids had to run to a hoop, put on a hat and scarf, run round a cone back to the hoop, remove the hat and scarf and then back to the start as quick as possible. There were hats and scarves everywhere whilst most of the kids tried to get there and back at top speed, when it came to Megan’s turn of course it wasn’t that simple. The scarf was picked up, then the dirt carefully brushed off whilst it was turned the right way round and carefully examined for co-ordination with her outfit – I swear she’d still be there trying to decide which one to wear if one of the nursery teachers hadn’t grabbed her hand and ran with her! 🙂

In other news, after a long wait Google have finally released Google Earth for Linux – the latest beta (version 4) now runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It was possible to run the earlier Windows versions using WINE, but they never worked very well. The proper Linux version is built using Qt and OpenGL and works flawlessly – although the coverage of Seamill is quite low res (US Military obviously not that bothered about what we get up to here – or maybe they are and that’s why you cant see?)

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