A Smashing Weekend

Well it didn’t quite go according to the plan, but we still managed a smashing weekend!

Angela managed to fall over at Audrey’s on Friday, around lunchtime, and by the time she hobbled home after 5pm her foot was very painful. A quick trip to Crosshouse Hospital showed there’s no obvious break, but obviously planned activities for the weekend all bit the dust. So Saturday was just spent in the garden drinking beer and watching the footy – Jim and I managed to stay awake, but the less than inspiring performance sent Dave to sleep before half time.

Megan still spent Saturday night at Nana’s so there was a late night in for the rest of us, playing Angela’s new board game (Scottish Quest) and then a bit of poker.

Sunday was spent in Largs, Angela hobbling around as best she could, with dinner at Fluid (after I’d rescued Megan from Nana’s). There were a few games of air hockey, and some dubious Sega Rally driving in the arcades before Megan was off to bed and the Really Nasty Horse Racing game was brought out. Dave managed to clean us all out, by the sneaky tactics of not winning when we bet on him – someone remind me next time not to bet on him!

Monday we went to Kelburn Castle Country Park and had a bit of fun round the Secret Forest – and even hop-a-long managed to get about – then back to the airport for the flights to Stansted. Megan was said to see everyone go, and even daddy was getting a bit emotional at the airport – it was loads of fun and can’t wait to see everyone again soon 🙂

Back to work with a bang though, the migration staggered through the weekend but the rails have really come off the last couple of days – loads of connection problems (dodgy firewall at our end apperently, won’t be replaced until tomorrow) and a badly timed backup that killed an upgrade. What should have been done and dusted last night is still dragging on at the moment – we’re trying to find an alternative way of connecting so we can finish it off…

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