That was the week

Well the week (and the course) has finally come to an end, and the World Cup is about to start (hurrah!). The course was good, but I was up until 1am last night working on getting a migration going for a Housing Association down south – weekend hasn’t arrived a moment too soon.

Jim, Clare & Dave are all coming up tonight, and I’ve got a selection of beers in for the occasion – there’ll be much drinking and footy watching tomorrow, although I think Clare & Angela may have shopping plans. Megan’s staying with Nana on Saturday so we can have a night out, and as the flights back aren’t till Monday afternoon we’ll still have plenty of time to get up to all sorts of things.

The DVD player in the study has packed in (I think it was the heat!) but since it was only £15 don’t suppose we can expect too much – probably would have cost that much in petrol to take it back and get it fixed! We splashed out on Toshiba SD-150 to replace it instead (all of £30+VAT from CostCo) which warrants five stars from What HiFi and seems all together far more sturdy, and provides a much better picture – Megan has already applied the ‘Totally Spies’ test and given it the thumbs up.

Managed to squeeze in a game of doubles (snooker) on Wednesday night too, but we were all rubbish so only finished four frames the whole evening (compared to six last time) – for the record Gary & Darren won 3-1, but 0-0 would probably have been a fair result…

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