Centre Parcs

After a hectic weekend seeing everyone it was great to finally arrive at Centre Parcs, we felt relaxed just driving in. We got booked in and while waiting in the queue, Megan piped up that she needed a tinkle! So she and I ran to the nearest loo and got soaked in the rain. My phone rang and it was Laura, she was just calling to wish me happy birthday and then announced that she was infact in Centre Parcs herself!!!

She had the day off and drove all the way from Leeds to Penrith to see me for my birthday, what a great friend I have. She arrived at our cabin with a huge bunch of flowers and a bottle of bucks fizz, we all went out for dinner and then she left. It was such a lovely gesture that I got quite upset when she left.

I received lots of presents and cards for my birthday, 4 bottles of champayne, Narnia DVD and a chocolate fountain, some candle stuff and money, which was used for a facial and dry floatation at centre parcs.

We managed to de-stress very quickly, and settled into a relaxing pace. megan loved playing outdoors in the swing park, and the pool was used nearly every day. We also managed to eat at just about all the restaurants/bars, and Steve managed to get a game of snooker…….although it was with Megan and I……

The week ended much too soon and Megan made us promise to come back soon. It took much less time to get back home and we arrived back to glorious weather.

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