Catching up & Holidays

Well, we managed to see a lot of folk when we travelled south of the border last weekend. We left sunny Scotland at 10.30am on Sat and arrived in Congleton, at Zoe & Mikes at 4.30pm!! not bad for us….

We spent a lovely night with the Pawezowski’s being fed and watered, and a comfy bed for the night. Megan was most pleased she was sleeping in a pink room. Zoe is doing very well and coping with pregancy brilliantly considering she has only known for a short time and is due at the end of July!!! she and Mike will be wonderful parents.

We left them on Saturday morning and made a mad dash over to Sale to spend about 15mins with Mark & Jo, who are doing brilliantly aswell, Jo’s pregnancy bump is developing nicely and all is well with the baby, which we are all very pleased about. Jo let slip that she is wanting to move house and has been off searching….. she don’t do things by half that girl!!! and thats why we love her so.

Short drive across to Runcorn to have Sunday lunch with Aunt Ann & Uncle Brian, a lovely afternoon was had by all, including a lovely birthday cake (which I thoroughly enjoyed, thankyou!) We met the couple who bought Bobs house and they were so excited about the house, they are trying for a baby and are looking forward to making the house thier family home. It was quite upsetting, but we are really pleased that the couple love the house and that it will be another family home.

After that came the drive to Warrington to stay the night with Graham, Rachel and Mark, and not forgetting the new baby on the way. We were once again fed and watered, and managed to get a game of Texas Holdem’ (or something!), which you might guess, Steve won!! much to my bitter disappointment, I lost everything trying to out manoever him……..I’m rubbish….

Mark and Megan were once again playing wonderfully together and neither of them wanted to be parted, but we must move on again…..

And over to St Helens to see Aunt Vera & Aunt Irene (who weren’t pregnant!), we all went out to lunch and had a great time, infact as we were leaving Aunt Vera was laughing so much she said she was drunk!! on one glass of red wine……he he he. Kane and his gilfriend came and had a drink with us too, it was great to catch up with him. He is applying to the Police so we wish him well.

And Finally off to Centre Parcs……………………

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