Where did that go?

Well that’s another week gone in the blink of an eye, Angela & Megan are off to the Ideal Home Show at the SECC in Glasgow whilst I’m stuck at home ‘on-call’ in case Glasgow have problems with their newly migrated database (they phoned twice this morning but it’s gone quiet now).

It’s been an odd sort of week, Megan’s been on holiday from nursery so you’d think I’d be seeing a bit more of her – but the pair of them seem to have been out all week. There’s been a days shopping at Braehead, two days at soft play, one lot of swimming and one visit from Grandad (which was the only time I’ve seen them!). And now they’re eyeing up a £1500 dining table at the show – I think I’ll phone the bank and tell them her credit cards been stolen…

It’s been busy week at work (first in a while) with Glasgow going live and Camden needing some transfers automating on top of all the usual stuff – did manage another game of snooker with Darren on Wednesday though, and managed to win to bring the score back to 5-2 in Darren’s favour. It was a strange game though, should have won it comfortably but somehow managed to lose three black ball finishes and only a foul by Darren on the pink in the last frame allowed me to win 4-3 – could easily have gone the other way again!

Spring has definitely arrived, although there’s still a good covering of snow on Goat’s Fell – looks very pretty today in the bright sunshine – as the lawn mower was manouevered out of the shed for the first time this year (turned into a bit of a 3D jigsaw puzzle that shed, should probably have a clear out there). Of course being stuck the shed for six months is not good for a petrol lawn mower so there was no sign of life when I tried to start it. A top-up of fluids and a refit of the spark plug (after a good spray with WD40) was enough for it to spring into life though so managed to get the back garden cut (mostly) before the rain arrived. Will move on to the front lawn tomorrow weather (and Megan) permitting.

Just realised it’s Grand National weekend too so I’ve had the annual flutter courtesy of bluesq.com – and for those wanting to increase their odds of winning don’t back Cornish Rebel, Innox or Just in Debt. All three are now guaranteed to fall at the first fence, or if it’s a good year maybe Beecher’s Brook.

David phoned Thursday night, he and Sian are due to arrive next Friday for a couple of days (MOT permitting) so it’s now time for a bit of a clear out in the toy room to see if the spare bed’s still in there under all those toys…

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