Easter starts early

Friday 31st March was Megans last day at Nursery for 2 weeks and 1 day! I cannot believe how many holidays schools take. Anyway…….

Friday afternoon was an Easter party at Elisabeths house (Elliott and Lloyds mum), she hard boiled 18 eggs! and the kids all decorated them. we took them outside to roll the eggs down the driveway (its on a slope) and tried our best to judge who won the race….ie no idea.

Elisabeth had planted a golden egg and some coloured balls in her back garden so the kids could find them, for every ball they collected they received a sweetie to put in their baskets. I had a flower pinata unused from Megans birthday, so that was stuffed with sweeties and chocolate – all easter influenced ofcourse – and the kids all took turns to hit it. Elisabeth finally had to take control and bash the thing to get it open, and believe me it took a while.

The day finished with all the children exhausted, and Elisabeths carpet stained with chocolate! the chocolate fountain went a bit wild and flew of the table!!! much to our surprise I must say. The wine didn’t help either…….. we came home at 6.30pm to find Steve sulking because he was hungry…..poor soul.

So, for the next few weeks we have a few activities planned, we are going swimming, to Kelburn Castle, the Safari Park, softplay and a trip to the cinema thrown in for good measure.

So no doubt I will be desperate for nursery to start back to get some rest.

We are also expecting Steve’s cousin David and his girlfriend Sian over Easter weekend, so that will be good to see them.

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