Back to normality

The last week and a half has been a bit on the stressful side, but things are getting back to normal again.

It all started off normally enough, with Darren winning the snooker – that’s 4-1 but who’s counting – but was quickly followed by a day trip to Aberdeen. Leaving the house before dawn, arriving in Aberdeen in the snow, and getting home just in time for bed is par for the course, but it was really just the calm before the storm.

We were supposed to exchange on my Dad’s house last week, so last weekend was spent clearing out the final bits and pieces – with the assistance of a clearance company (well one man and a van). Of course there was the inevitable last minute glitches which meant that the exchange never happened, and now the start of the chain have buggered off to Australia for a month so who knows when it’s going to happen.

Most of the rest of last week was spent at Alderley Edge, in and out of various different meetings and then this weekend the migrations have started again – Glasgow kicked off the process last night and are due to go-live over the next week.

On the lighter side it was the final weekend of the Hockey season, and although we didn’t end out playing as Western conceded the game on Thursday, we did finish top of the league and will be promoted next season. Now I just need to try and beat Darren at snooker this week…

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