That’s more like it…

Well we’re all still coughing and sniffling to one degree or another, but it was generally a better week than the preceding one. Megan’s toenail is a pretty shade of deep blue, but still attached to her toe and she’s back to school nursery today which has cheered her up. Mum can’t seem to shift her cough but a dose of amoxycillin has sorted out Dad (more or less!).

The Reds have suddenly remembered how to put the ball in the net, scoring eight goals in two games, and it looks like Clydesdale Vs could be heading for promotion after beating Giffnock (our nearest rivals) 2-1. There’s just two games to play and we’re sitting on top of the league…

We also finally received Samuel Meredith’s birth certificate, but it’s not really clarified anything for us. His mother is listed as Hannah Meredith (which we didn’t know so that’s something I guess) but there’s no father given – so we have to assume that the John Cook on his wedding certificate is his stepfather. Unfortunately it’s not given us any more to go on – there’s no sign of either Hannah or Samuel on any census before 1881, where Samuel appears with his new wife Lydia, so that’s a dead end.

We don’t know how old Hannah was when she had Samuel so finding her birth certificate will be tricky, and there’s no sign of a Hannah Meredith marrying a John Cook in the marriage index between Samuel’s birth and later marriage to Lydia Robinson. To make matters worse there’s more John Cooks than you can shake a stick at, and as we know he’s a waterman he could have been living just about anywhere when the census was taken – so that’s a dead end too.

Time to focus on a different branch of the tree I think…

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