It’s not been a good week…

Although Megan had a good time at her birthday party on Thurdsday, the rest of the last week has been one to forgot.

It started ok last Sunday, when we got the swing attached the new play house without too much trouble – but it went pretty much downhill from there. I was starting to feel a bit rough on the Sunday, but Monday and Tuesday were a complete wipe out – and i’m still recovering from a nasty dose of flu today. Angela started coming down with the same thing on Wednesday, and she’s just gone back to bed this afternoon feeling as bad as ever – so there’s no end in sight just yet.

Megan’s got a bit of a sniffle and a cough, but doesn’t seem to be suffering as badly as we are – but to add injury to flu, she manged to drop a (full) can of beer onto her toe on Saturday. It’s made a right mess of the nail on her second toe on the left foot, and caused some drama Saturday evening – we were about to take her to A&E as it had been bleeding for a couple of hours with no sign’s of stopping when she passed out on us. We had to phone for an ambulance but fortunately she’d come round again by the time they arrived – and after a thorough examination was passed fit enough not to need the trip to hospital. The toe’s still bleeding a bit though, so we might still need a trip tomorrow, to the doctor’s at least.

Here’s hoping for a better week this week…

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