The Merediths

We sent for a marriage certificate a few weeks ago, and its finally turned up – the GRO are obviously still a bit busy in the aftermath of the latest series of Who Do You Think You Are! Anyway it was for my grandad’s grandparents (mother’s side in both instances) – Samuel Meredith and Lydia Robinson. We knew they got married around 1877 but not much more than that, so the certificate confirmed the date of the marriage (6th May 1877) and the location – Church of St Mary in Widnes.

So far not so very interesting, however we were also looking for their father’s names in order to continue the search, and that was where it gets a bit more unusual. Lydia’s father is listed as John Robinson (a waterman) which is not to strange, but Samuel’s father is listed as John Cook (a coachman). So why is Samuel Meredith’s father going by the name of Cook?

The short answer is that I’ve no idea – I can’t find hide nor hair of Samuel on the 1871 Census or any earlier one, and there’s just too many John Cooks to bother with until we’ve more information to narrow it down.

I did track down a Samuel Meredith born in Runcorn around the right time (1857) on the index of births though, so I’ve sent for that certificate as well to see if we can shed any light on what’s going on.

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