Stansted and Swimming

We’ll gloss over the snooker last night – although all the frames were close again, and I managed to win the first frame of the night, it was basically down hill from there on with Darren winning the next five. That puts him 3-1 up in the series and leaves me looking for a good excuse for being so rubbish…

It was a chilly start this morning at 5:30am – and inch of ice on the windscreen and -6 on the temperature gauge – but I made it to Prestwick in time to spend six quid on a bacon roll and an orange juice before boarding. The flight was on time and with clear skies and a lot of empty seats it was great view all the way – the review went well but only lasted an hour and a half so a good hour was spent waiting for the return flight later. The return was interesting in that it was the same flight crew but a completely different plane, and for a couple of friendly mum’s on their way to the SECC for an exhibition – their company sells cotton nappies and baby carriers apparently.

Back in time to get some work done this afternoon, and still make it to Megan’s swimming lesson at the Vikingar. She’s coming on really well and was jumping in and splashing round like a natural – well apart from one jump that saw her swallow half the pool and then throw up. Some poor guy then spent the next five minutes with a net on a big pole fishing it out – nice job…

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